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The Global Compassion Coalition is a non-profit which aims to "inspire individuals, organisations, and governments to act from a place of compassion, to attend to suffering, and build communities of care and belonging."

The King's Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England.

An Introduction to Leading with Kindness and Compassion in Health and Social Care is a 3-week introductory course from the King's Fund.

Resources to support creating a culture of compassionate and inclusive leadership are available free from the NHS Improvement website.


The Center for Compassionate Leadership aims to “advance compassionate methods of leadership by integrating evidence-based principles with contemplative wisdom.”

The Compassionate Mind Foundation "promotes an evolution and neuroscience informed approach to compassion, which now forms the basis of a psychotherapy..."

The Compassion Mindset, by Next Element, is "a revolutionary new methodology for helping people-focused companies re-imagine compassion at work."

The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute was founded by Google and provides "transformational experiences backed by world experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence."

The Compassionate Leadership Principles for Health and Social Care in Wales aim to create a shared language of what compassionate leadership is and what it looks like in practice.

Project Lift is a relational approach to leadership at all levels in all roles across health and social care in Scotland.

This is the Workplace Wellbeing Site for Emergency Department staff in Aotearoa New Zealand

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